never invested in any. don’t eem have cable (well i do where i am now). but if it’s on i’ll watch it lmao

word i got cable but ion even fuck with tv like that anymore to begin w/.

never invested in watching steven universe, adventure time, or any of the new joints actually with the exception of regular show that’s it.




Idk why girls be hating on short dudes when they lowkey be having the best stroke game. All of their energy and rhythm is compacted making their stroke more powerful. Whereas tall dudes, their energy is more spread out, thus weakening their stroke game. It’s scientifically proven. 

as a tall man… hitting it from the back takes effort or preparation.

cause she cant ever get it up high enough.


5’9’in Shortboyz we outchea.

mannnnn idk my feelings get so extremely jumbled sometimes i can’t make shit, and it’s like everything piles on top of eachother making me immobilized creatively.


fuck wit dat bih cuz u know dat she bi

the bih gotta be tri so she’ll try anythang with my thang.

i wrote five different screenplays the other day I’m too lazy to go back and look at em again even though i plan to use of em for future reference.