You ain’t real if you haven’t had your hair washed in a kitchen sink

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things i’m thinking about:

  • Avoiding work later today
  • Sucking on a shawty’s ass through a Sundress
  • Blood Oranges

we need some type of innovative sacrificial trading system like trading George Lucas for a Cloning machine and make Clones work jobs for us.

Bruh that shit was fucked up in every way, and then she wanna leave and go to NY LIKE SHIT AINT HAPPEN, LIKE BRUH? And then these niggas stole the casket, and now I'm on season 3 and I gotta watch these new niggas smh

Lmfaoooo! brah Cook is that dude that’s all i gotta say.

Nah but for real bruh I'm kinda hot skins killed that nigga Chris off, he died in a fucked up ass way

it was kinda fucked up that ol girl watched him tweak into the afterlife after she called 911 and then dipped lmfaoooo, it was even more fucked up his moms dipped on him because she knew what was about to happen to him and couldn’t fade seeing another one of her kids dying off the same thing.

My girl cheated on me bruh, what do I do :(

Have nahn to do with that bitch for the rest of your life lmao.