you can tell ol girl one dimensional as fuck and has wild low self esteem if you look for a tagged/me and it’s a bunch of famous people instead.


a lot of girls really do want a dude like drake, which presents somewhat of a problem since there’s only one of him and the rest of us for the most part are really not trying to be on that level like that.

i wish people knew how to use reverse search image it would save you so much time on not getting fucked over on some fake shit.


*sends pic of boner*

girl: mmm, send me one of you hard (;




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when you first talk to a shawty you don’t ask for ha kik because if you askin for that off rip she gon know you trine to pass her off as a sidebitch. #ImproveYaManeuvers

*is a guy trying to nudes from a girl* hey uhh i jus wanna talk to you i don’t pics or nuthin like that haha ;)