I am 5 8 this nigga is 5 8, obvs he doesn't believe in paying for my food on a date bc he did not do so. Is there a reason to cut him off nicely or should I at least give him a little sense before I cut his stupid ass loose?

I mean far as i see it on the first few outings it’d be cool to pay for you and shit, but past that it’s pretty fair to pay for your own food afterwards, and idk if you should keep your dude that’s entirely up to you. 

it’s like lambo central in Sandy Springs. 

So I poured the water bottle out while standing on the patio and I sprayed this guy's cologne on my sweatpants to cover the smell..... This has been simultaneously shaming me but at the same time it's like whatever bc I handled my business by any means. Does my story gross you out??

you must have some strong smelling piss if you’ve gotta put cologne on your sweatpants after doing the business but nah that doesn’t really gross or weird me out I’ve heard worse. 

Omg I have to confess to someone hahha I was sleeping over at this boy's house blah blah blah I hadn't peed all night or that day and it was like 12 something the next day. Long story short he went to take a shower and I finally got out of bed. At this point issues were very real with ole bladder but I kept my wits about me... I emptied my water bottle went out to the garage and Uhm this is embarrassing I'm sure you know the rest. Unfortunately I missed the bottle a few times bc it was a lot

lol random but everyone’s got moments where they’ve gotta piss in a bottle so i’m not at all surprised by this, pretty funny though i’m sure you’ve got some stellar aim. 

People who really believe in what you do and stay come in a small count.

need the suck that’s so good i thought i could actually use double team and see myself evading responsibilities. 


Top 5 Hoe Quotes:

1. “I lose interest fast”
2. “I get bored easily”
3. “I’m a bad texter”
4. “I don’t have female friends”
5. “just doin me”