life is short, i ain’t got time to waste it on niggas that can’t rap.


this august alsina song is so wack he sounds like hes riding dick

thank god for the twitter DM’s man some true power moves are made through that thang.

You're in atlanta right? Do you do music around town?

Correcto and nah even though I’ve done few shows but I’ve been focusing on getting better with the craft as well as balancing this 9/5 i’m trying to stabilize how I’m living for the moment and then i’ll jump back into it all at once as well as getting these conceptual plans fully realized.

All in all I’m keeping new music at bay on purpose i’m waiting for the right feeling to pass through to me to release it among other things going on in the background, thanks for fucking with me if you are though man.

it’s so weird you have alot of hidden gems in this city forreal if you just look man there’s alot of lowkey legends just laying low all around the atlanta metro area I’ve come across jazz musicians who were one record away from stardom, rap legends, and carnegie hall pianists chillin on their front porch ackin like the shit ain’t nothin.

gotta hang w/ Illmont a full day someday.